Why Japan?

Out of the countries that I could have chosen to go to, why Japan?

The answer is simple: the people.

So what's with the people? How are they different?

Well let me give you an example, you could hardly find a trash bin in Japan, yet you don't see people littering.  They also refrain from talking loudly or making phone calls inside public transports to not bother others. However, the last and for me the most important: punctuality.

They have this mentality, this mindset that typical Indonesians lack. That's exactly why I chose this country (aside from the fact that the food is good and I'm a big Pokemon fan heheh).  I often get mad to others for not being on time,

Well there's that, the main reason why I came to the country.

Now, there's the reason why I came to Japan to study.

I have seen Indonesian Universities, well some of them, those called "top" local Universities, I'm not gonna mention the names here but most of you probably understand :). As we know, Indonesia has some of the most abundant natural resources on the planet, but what struck me the most was that Indonesian Institutions research facilities are just not enough to conduct researches to make the most out of the aforementioned natural resources. No offense on this, after all it isn't all about the institutions but the people, nevertheless we must accept the fact that research facilities are very important in the field of science.

And so I knew that I had to go somewhere I will be able to improve, not only academically, also mentally, and that place is gonna be Japan.


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Out of the countries that I could have chosen to go to, why Japan?The answer is simple: the people.So what’s with the people? How are they different?Well let...

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