How I managed to get into Japan

So I went to this University fair about 2 years ago and got some info regarding this Osaka University Global 30 program, however I didn't really look further into this program and ended up spending most of the time on the Japanese language school booth that I ended up enrolling to. In this post, I'm going to write on how I got into Japan on the first place, and getting into my language school.

After we (me and my mom) discussed for a while regarding the fee and all the stuff related, we decided that it's gonna be the most appropriate for us as we are not the richest of everyone and the other schools seemed to be way more expensive than that. On top of that, the 事務長 or the manager of the office of that particular school was friendly and could speak Bahasa, and thus my mom is quite sure to be putting me there, as this is my first time being away from home for a long period of time. In addition to that, there was someone who was super helpful and helped me with all the process and such.

The school name was Kyoshin Language Academy Kyoto Ekimae (京進ランゲージアカデミー京都駅前). It is situated in front of Kyoto station or Kyoto Eki in Japanese, and thus the name. Now, why was? The school just moved and changed its name, it's now located around Gojo Karasuma if I'm not mistaken so no more "Kyoto Ekimae" or "In front of Kyoto station". The location is near everywhere so it's super convenient... or should I say 便利(べんり) (this word is very commonly used in the Japanese language). 

After submitting all the required documents (bank account, proof of income of parents), sorting out the school fee and apartment and such, I finally received the visa for my departure. I got the tourist visa for the first 3 months as the school term officially starts in either October or April as I wanted to start early from July. So I went together with my mom on the 27th of June directly to KIX airport on the outskirts of the bustling city of Osaka. 日本行くぜ!I couldn't believe I'm finally going to Japan after all these time dreaming about going but never actually had the chance to. 

I'm probably going to write about my language school for my next post, so see ya!



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How I managed to get into Japan

So I went to this University fair about 2 years ago and got some info regarding this Osaka University Global 30 program, however I didn’t really look further...

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