After a year long review, my first paper finally got published. The paper went through 3 rounds of revision, where I believe that the 3rd round was not really necessary and added ~2 months to the review process.

Nevertheless, I’m delighted that the paper is finally publsihed on PLoS Genetics

The long path to publication

While it may sound straightforward. Reaching the end of this project took quite a bit of time

How it all started

It all started when I was an undergrad, looking at labs for my 4th year thesis project. I was told by my former PI that there was a project that involved fluorescence imaging, . Moreover, I also had around a month of free time before the start of my undergraduate research and being involved in this project means that I can do some kind of work at that time.

This project was very exciting to me as it gives me independence, I was able to do it by myself.

I initially planned to leave Japan at the end of my undergrad,

Initial ideas and plans

At first, the project was simple. To investigate what the

The discovery and change of ideas

By reading more and more papers, I got several ideas on these aggregates.

Things that did not go according to plan

Software dependencies


Creating a mutant cell line

Failed CRISPR-Cas9 experiments

Review, review and review

We decided to submit the paper

First revision

Submission to PLoS Genetics

Explaining the paper


Materials and Methods



Future prospects